The design meets the needs of Central European garden birds: For smaller bird species – and insects too – the inner rim provides a solid place to stand. Larger birds can perch comfortably on the rough outer rim. Garden birds still need water to drink, even during colder times of the year. Our bird drinker should be used all year round.

The bird bath is handmade in Germany from Granicium®. We give a 15-year guarantee on ceramics. 
It is made in our workshops using artisan methods. Granicium is unique. The material consists of ground granite. After working it is melted at high temperatures back into a solid "stone". Granicium is a 100 % natural product, food-safe, extremely hard and durable. You can find out more about our granite ceramic products at

Scope of delivery

Bird Bath Granicium®, packed in a transportation box

Weights and Measures

Ø 38 cm, H 6,5 cm, 5,0 kg



- stainless steel stand for bird bath

Bird Bath Granicium