The DENK Orchid Pot - The Ideal Conditions for Growing Orchids

No other family of plants contains such a wide variety of colour and shape of blossom as the orchids. The Queen of flowers is winning ever greater numbers of admirers. In the wild tropical orchids grow attached to trees. They need a high degree of air humidity which they absorb through their aerial roots. It is therefore difficult to grow orchids as pot plants indoors. The dryness of rooms in modern buildings and the use of unsuitable types of plant pot both cause damage to orchids.

The Patent Protected DENK Orchid Pot with its Own Tropical Climate

With our unique Orchid pot we have been able to simulate an orchid´s natural environment and thus provide ideal conditions for growing orchids. The DENK Orchid pot consists of two parts: the pot itself and a water reservoir underneath. There are lots of small holes in the bottom of the pot which allow the water vapour from the reservoir to rise. The humid air then permeates the orchid´s aerial roots, thus creating ideal growing conditions for orchids. There is also a specially designed wick built into the bottom of the pot section. This sucks up water from the reservoir so that it can be transported to the plant via a special type of fleece. The division between the pot and the water reservoir prevents the plant from becoming waterlogged and the development of rot. The reservoir also allows water vapour to escape into the surrounding air, thus helping the perfect microclimate around the pot for growing orchids. The DENK Orchid pot is hand made in Germany from naturally finished “active breathing“ CeraNatur® ceramic. We also guarantee the ceramic material for 15 years. The DENK Orchid pot and the CeraNatur® brand name are protected under patent law.

Notes on Planting and the Care of the Orchid

The fleece lies on the bottom of the pot covering the wick. The orchid and its substrate should be planted directly into the pot. Rinse the orchid every week thoroughly over a sink or basin. Allow all excess water to drain off. Place the pot back over the water reservoir. Do not allow the reservoir to run dry. Check the water level daily. The DENK Orchid pot may be gently cleaned as necessary with a mild detergent solution and a brush.

Scope of delivery

Orchid pot, 2-part, without orchid, packed in a gift box and in a transportation box, instructions.

Weights and Measures

H 18 cm, Ø 16 cm, 2.1 kg

Orchid Pot, 2 pcs