Rock Cellar - The Perfect Place to Store and Ripen Cheese


The rock cellar is the perfect place to store and after-ripen hard and soft cheese made from cow`s, goat`s and sheep`s milk in order build-up and ensures the best, long-lasting cheese flavour. Enjoying a piece of really good cheese is something you don`t forget - dreamy, heavenly and sensual! Steadily ripened and perfectly tempered cheese is enough to make any gourmet`s mouth water. Flavour, consistency and aroma come together into a dizzying experience.


Every cheese lover knows how tricky it is to serve themselves and their guests with cheese at the right degree of maturity and at the right temperature. Take the cheese out of the fridge a few hours before eating, serve and then put the rest back in the fridge again. How often did the cheese not really taste very good and how often was it simply just an expensive purchase? We guarantee that cheese will mature into a delicacy in the rock cellar.

The rock cellar is made from Granicium. It is made by hand in our workshops. Granicium is unique throughout the world. The material consists of ground granite that is melted back into a solid “stone“ after treatment at high temperature. Granicium has advantages that a conventional ceramic body doesn`t. A balanced, even climate builds up in the ceramic granite that the body then passes on. The rock cellar made from Granicium ist the perfect place to store and ripen cheese. Granicium is a purely natural product that is food-safe, extremely hard and durable. You can find more information about our ceramic granite at


Tips for using the Rock Cellar


  • Keep the rock cellar in the larder, preferably on the floor. If you don`t have a larder, give the rock cellar a quiet, shady or dark place not too high up on the shelves. Lower is better because the ambient temperature is more consistent here.
  • Fill the plate with your choice of cheese, hard cheese, brie, camembert, Münster or soft cheese. You can mix cow`s cheese, sheep`s cheese and goat`s cheese. It`s up to you.
  • Very wet soft cheese that still absorbs water in its packaging will continue to do so in the rock cellar. You may wish to dab away excess water.
  • If you are expecting guests in the evening, stock up the rock cellar in the morning. A little twig of rosemary, lavender or thyme works well on the cheese. They create a decorative touch as well as lending the cheese a little of their herby flavour.
  • Don`t just use the rock cellar when you are expecting guests. It is a pleasure to use every day, so much so that red or sweet wine isn`t necessarily required.
  • You will find that the cheese cut on the granite board does not smear and that the cheese knife doesn`t scratch.
  • Stock the rock cellar with good quality cheese. Very unripe cheese such as camembert or brie with a large white core is not as suitable.
  • The pleasingly shaped cover of the rock cellar can be used on the table as a fruit or bread bowl.
  • The rock cellar is dishwasher-safe.


Article FK
23 cm
Height 15 cm
Weight 3.90 kg

Rock Cellar