A new way to experience fragrance!

ScentTreasure is an adjustable fragrance diffuser with three settings, for all kinds of liquid fragrances. Its washable fragrance reservoir holds oils, essences or perfumes and releases the fragrances over a long time. The ScentTreasure can be placed anywhere. As a rule of thumb, the warmer the room, the more intense the fragrance and the greater the movement of the air, the more fragrance is released. 

How ScentTreasure works
The lid can be used to adjust the fragrance release. The Porosium fragrance reservoir has a vast surface measuring approximately 120m², which is perfect for allowing the scents to diffuse and take full effect, for long-lasting and even scent release. The fragrance reservoir can hold up to 20ml of liquid fragrance, but we recommend a minimum quantity of 5ml. Only apply as much fragrance as can be stored. If the effect of the scent diminishes over time, add some more fragrance to the reservoir.

An easy way to recycle your perfumes and room fragrances
As well as aromatic oils, you can also use perfumes or room fragrances in the ScentTreasure. It’s a familiar problem - the wooden reeds become gummed up but there is still some room fragrance left in the bottle. Now you can easily recycle the fragrance in the ScentTreasure. You will be delighted with the new fragrant effect this achieves.
Your expensive perfumes are far too special to be stuck in a cupboard. Simply add a little to the ScentTreasure and enjoy your perfume as your new room fragrance.

Delivered ready to use
The ScentTreasure consists of a decorative pot, made from Granicium (ceramic granite) and a fragrance reservoir, made from Porosium ceramic. It also comes with “aroma of gold”, our pure and precious aromatic oil.

More fragrance reservoirs for more scents
We can supply more fragrance reservoirs if required so that you can change your room fragrances whenever the mood takes you. The Porosium fragrance reservoir comes in an airtight tub with a lid so that you can add your fragrances to the ScentTreasure at any time without wastage.

Easy to clean
The fragrance pot is easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand using washing-up liquid. Put the fragrance reservoir in a bowl, add some multipurpose cleaner and hot water and leave it to work in for 2 hours. Afterwards, rinse with water and leave to dry. You may need to repeat this process depending on the intensity of the fragrance used, but fragrance residue does not matter.

Our perfume oils
We supply a range of high quality, natural aromatic oils. Find out more at www.scenttreasure.com 

A patent is pending for the ScentTreasure and it is protected as a registered design.


Scope of delivery
The ScentTreasure including a free Aroma oil is packed in a gift box and in a transportation box, instructions are included.

Weights and Measures
Ø 10.5 cm, H 12 cm, 0.8 kg

Scent Treasure Granicium + FREE Aroma Oil

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