The Garden Lantern for Recycling Candles

Whether you want to create atmospheric light on your balcony, terrace, along the path of a snow covered garden, or in fact anywhere outdoors, the Waxburner Outdoor is just what you`re looking for. 

It won`t blow out and is resistant to frost. It serves as a torch all year round. Simply use candles and scraps of wax as fuel. The glass-fibre wick does not burn away and need not be changed. 

The Waxburner Outdoor is supplied with wax sufficient for 36 hours continuous flame. 

The Waxburner Outdoor is handmade in Germany from high-quality, glazed CeraLava® ceramic. 


Scope of delivery

The Waxburner is packed in a gift box and in a transportation box, instructions are included.

We give a 15-year guarantee on ceramics.

Weights and Measures

Ø 20,5 cm, H 14,5 cm, 3,3 kg


- Lid to extinguish and as protection against weathering and soiling

- Steel stand

- Aroma oils

- Wax tabs for refill

Waxburner Outdoor CeraLava

AU$159.00 Regular Price
AU$59.00Sale Price