The Garden Lantern for Recycling Candles

Whether you want to create atmospheric light on your balcony, terrace, along the path of a snow covered garden, or in fact anywhere outdoors, the Waxburner Outdoor is just what you`re looking for. It won`t blow out and is resistant to frost. It serves as a torch all year round.

The Waxburner Outdoor is handmade in Germany from unique Granicium® ceramic granite.

Scope of delivery

The Waxburner Outdoor is supplied with wax for 36 hours continous flame and is packed in a gift box and in a transportation box

We give a 15-year guarantee on ceramics.

Weights and Measures

Ø 19.5 cm, H 19 cm, 2.9 kg


- Steel stand

- Insect repellent oil

- Aroma oils

- Wax tabs for refill

Waxburner Outdoor Granicum

AU$159.00 Regular Price
AU$59.00Sale Price